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Carding is an attack on an online store using someone else's gift cards or credit cards. One of the biggest breaches happened in August 2019, exposing over 100 million of card numbers. In 2019 alone, there were 4.1 billion of recorded breaches
Black market

The supply of verified card numbers is increasing, and carders are responsible for that. Websites, such as Cardingccshop, Cvvdumpsforsale and Cardmafiacc, can get and test unverified credit numbers In fact, they use bots to make small-dollar purchases in online stores. Valid cards are much more valuable and they can be sold on the black market
Test lists

During carding, carders, such as Carddumpsforsale, Uniccccshop and Trumpdumpscvv, test lists of credit and debit cards on various websites. They can get these lists on forums on the dark web and make small-value purchases to stay undetected
Remain anonymity

Carders then create lists of proven data to retrieve funds or purchase goods and gift cards. Gift cards can be turned into valuable goods, usually TVs, computers and smartphones. Carders, including Newdumpsshop and Nonvbvshops, often resell these goods for profit. Since gift cards don't have names and addresses, carders remain anonymity